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  • Anonymous

    I don’t see the comment section.meh

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NSP34JLUU6XJVPSAX7LF2VEQGI Mike

    What is there out there if there is no comment section here

  • http://foxnews.com Lenski

    what happened to the comment section.  I have been a contributer and have noticed a declne in ‘decent commentary’……most of it being very politically motivated and disingenuous.  Much of it promoted by far left social media that had one intent, that being to downplay any progress made by conservative political views. 

  • Jason

    With the argument about tax cuts. I don’t understand why the middle class and upper class are paying all the taxes. When some are not paying any taxes at all, and probally have under the table work. The american dream is dead, if this is the case. I have strived to make a business to support my family and maybe be a bit comfortable, and since the years ago I started apparently now I’m rich. I’m sorry being taxed like I’m rich. Even though all the markets continue to crumble around us all I try to push to make more and end up breaking even. I would love to make as much as I turn in a year but if so I am a target to pay the taxes of so many more others. I don’t mind paying towards helping people out while they find a job, but there are many people on unemployment making much more than I am and and apparently I and others like me are picking up the bill.

  • Douglassaunders47

    I love Fox News it is by far the best!!!
    I have to comment on an interview that Gretchen had w/DNC Chairwoman Debbie Schultz…It was absolutely over the top. I could not have paid and been more amuzed or entertained….Gretchen was fantastic. Schultz was squirming so much in that seat I thought her rear-end was on fire….I could swear I saw her eyes cross 2 or 3 times. She tried to completely dodge the question about the DNC sending Dems to vote in the Rep. Primary in Mich. Ater being asked twice she did deny it. Those old speeches they played of her slamming Bush on high gas prices came back and bit her.
    I’m curious…what are these people getting out of all this by making utter fools of themselves? I understand they must support him but to blatently lie and cover-up when it’s almost impossible to do on some issues. It is beyond comprehension.
    Kudos to Gretchen for not laughing in her face. That had to be hard.
    Any way you might get her back on for another one?

  • Anonymous

    What happened to the FOX comments section?

    • Anonymous

      I have no idea and did send several queries to Fox without any responses.

      Impossible to read some of the articles and not comment. Hope they put it back soon.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been going crazy to find it, cnn off too.

  • Anonymous

    Yo, Fox! What’s up?

  • Knee Jerk Conservative Outrage

    The cuntservatives couldn’t take the heat from all the libs. LOL

    • Hi , I am Barack

      foxnews comments sections got shut down , becos of you jack@ss

  • Anonymous

    I too enjoyed the comment section associated with the articles. Cathartic when we agree to disagree. I suspect that the current administration was happy to avoid the heat they were taking on this anemic economy. Now their focus can be on the many things that they haven’t been focusing on in the past 4 years.

  • robert smith


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