The Top 10 Fox News Comments of 2010

Fox News Comments has only been around since September, but and have provided plenty of ignorance and hate to cover. Although the posts on this site already present many of the silliest, most horrifying, and just plain crazy opinions held by our Fox-News-reading countrymen, some are especially remarkable.  For your reading enjoyment, I’ve selected and provided my two cents on ten entries that I call the Top 10 Fox News Comments of 2010. 1. White Defenders This comment was one of the first to actually disturb me. It’s not just rote recitation of hate speech – there’s not even one cliché racist slur – this is bona fide, passionate hate. This kind of comment tells me that America is still capable of descending into chaos over race. The 28 people who like the comment don’t help in the slightest.

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