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Somehow, I think teapartydiva doesn’t need to ask for her own trailer.

Headline:¬†Anti-abortion groups cite alleged cancer-abortion link to explain Komen’s split with Planned Parenthood

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Real Fox Heroes: greg2318 (possibly NSFW)

Once in a while, a Fox News commenter comes along who warrants a bit more attention. They’re prolific and well-loved within the community, but everything they have to say is guaranteed to be horrible. Nothing they say gets flagged, and they get plenty of Likes.

This edition of Real Fox Heroes profiles “greg2318,” a misogynistic little rascal who likes to theorize on the quality of women’s’ “boobies” and whether or not they shave their “cooters.” I found him commenting on a post entitled “Lingerie Football Heats Up,” where he had this to say:

Finding this to be so inappropriate as to be confusing, I followed Greg’s trail, to find there’s a lot of this sort of thing. He generally keeps to articles pertaining to women, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get a bit of racism in as well. One of Greg’s comments about Michelle Obama was posted on earlier this month:

For a full archive of greg2318’s work, click this link. It’s really gross, though.

Business owner + on Fox – is that you, Rupert Murdoch?

Headline: What Women Want

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Sad truth – this man was born and raised in a brothel.

Headline: How To Tell She’s About to Cheat

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Everybody needs a good curb-stomping sometime.

Headline: Exclusive: MoveOn Activist Before Head Stomp Video

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Manipulating = giving a man the slightest attention so that he falls deeply in love with you.

Headline: Her Sexy Secret

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What a happy woman his wife must be!

Headline: Trigger Happy – The Truth About PE

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Somehow, I don’t think this dude doesn’t have much first-hand experience with this promiscuity.

Headline: What’s In a Number?

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Ladies, here’s why you’re not equal to men, from “freedom206.”

Headline: A Woman’s Take on ED

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Mmmm…you shore got a purdy mouth.

Headline: NBC News Hypocrisy in NFL Locker Rooms

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