Real Fox Heroes: Progressives_R_Cancer

I first featured a comment by Progressives_R_Cancer back in August, but he disappeared for several months. Well, he’s back, and he’s Fox News Comments’ Real Fox Hero today with a strong return to form. Progressives_R_Cancer doesn’t just hate Muslims, though. He hates homosexuals ever more than he hates Muslims – and he really hates Muslims. Neither black people nor Latinos should feel left out, of course. Progressives_R_Cancer is the Fox News Comments archetype: he’s a prolific, violent-minded bigot who enjoys nothing and loyally spews hate all over Fox News’s articles. From this hatred comes the only appreciation he has left in his life – on Fox News, he enjoys over 61,500 “likes.” Progressives_R_Cancer, you are a Real Fox Hero. Click here to see his comment history.

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