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Your opinion counts less because you are less of a person. Does that help?

Headline: Virginia school district considers cross-dressing ban for students

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Today’s Calculus lesson: Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind; it is an abomination.

Headline: Bill Mandating Gay History in Schools Goes to Calif. Governor

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“Nuke Mecca, etc, blah blah blah. Shucks, you know I’m just gonna say some bigoted crap anyway.”

Headline: Suspect in Custody for ‘Suspicious’ Backpack Is Marine Corps Reservist

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Confederatemny is on a roll! That roll has grown moldy.

Headline: Iranian Women’s Soccer Team Disqualified From Olympics Over Headscarves

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Hey, Stephen Hawking! DUHHHHH!

Headline: Physicist Stephen Hawking Says There Is No Heaven

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Fact: skytech once won a debate with a 2nd grader.

Headline: Afghan Officer Fires on U.S. Troops, Kills 9

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Oh no, not child mullesters!

Headline: Iowa GOP Divided Over Push to Impeach Judges in Same-Sex Marriage Case

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OMG dude, I just shot chocolate milk out my nose!

Headline: Kenya’s Mutai Wins Boston Marathon in (Unofficial) Record Time

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Go ahead. Try to stop the Bible. He’ll mess you up.

Headline: Does the Bible Matter In the 21st Century?

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Oh, Methusela – always sticking to your old, old ways.

Headline: J.Crew Ad Showing Boy With Pink Nail Polish Sparks Debate on Gender Identity

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