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Real Fox Heroes: sueboo2: Neocon Cybervixen

If you were to think of what the least likely place to have cybersex on the Internet might be, would probably be close to the top of the list. Sex makes people happy, and there’s nothing Foxers like better than being unhappy. sueboo2 is here to ease their minds, replacing Obama’s ravaged corpse in their minds with images of her doing very naughty things with them.

Oh sueboo2, you saucy wench!

sueboo2’s Disqus profile

Real Fox Heroes: Progressives_R_Cancer

I first featured a comment by Progressives_R_Cancer back in August, but he disappeared for several months. Well, he’s back, and he’s Fox News Comments’ Real Fox Hero today with a strong return to form.

Progressives_R_Cancer doesn’t just hate Muslims, though. He hates homosexuals ever more than he hates Muslims – and he really hates Muslims. Neither black people nor Latinos should feel left out, of course. Progressives_R_Cancer is the Fox News Comments archetype: he’s a prolific, violent-minded bigot who enjoys nothing and loyally spews hate all over Fox News’s articles. From this hatred comes the only appreciation he has left in his life – on Fox News, he enjoys over 61,500 “likes.” Progressives_R_Cancer, you are a Real Fox Hero.

Click here to see his comment history.

Real Fox Heroes: greg2318 (possibly NSFW)

Once in a while, a Fox News commenter comes along who warrants a bit more attention. They’re prolific and well-loved within the community, but everything they have to say is guaranteed to be horrible. Nothing they say gets flagged, and they get plenty of Likes.

This edition of Real Fox Heroes profiles “greg2318,” a misogynistic little rascal who likes to theorize on the quality of women’s’ “boobies” and whether or not they shave their “cooters.” I found him commenting on a post entitled “Lingerie Football Heats Up,” where he had this to say:

Finding this to be so inappropriate as to be confusing, I followed Greg’s trail, to find there’s a lot of this sort of thing. He generally keeps to articles pertaining to women, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get a bit of racism in as well. One of Greg’s comments about Michelle Obama was posted on earlier this month:

For a full archive of greg2318’s work, click this link. It’s really gross, though.

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