These comments were discovered by Fox News Comments’ readers. They’ve sifted through the garbage of Fox News, and here’s what they’ve found.

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  • sleepingbear

    Julie Roginsky,
    Julie, you are so blindly naive verbally protecting the radicalized cultures of Islamic Muslims,
    you need to go live with 20 of those Muslim Refugees men your age so you can be a hands on non biased judge of their culture, you would most likely be beaten into submission and raped in the first 24 hours. You live in an imaginary denial NY world. Those with great responsibility should never rate a product until they have experienceed it personally. Otherwise, you’re defending something you have no experience with on a day to day basis. All talk along with no experience can endanger your family and mine.Think of your granddaughters before you defend a culture that condones evil practices. Your right ever culture has problems but statistics and fact SHOULD lead you to not invite evil into your children’s and your home. Common sense Trumps PC every hand you play.

  • Al Pryor

    Fox. Please cut back on the constant coverage of D. Trump. You and CNN are being used by a master. I would like to hear more about the other candidates

  • dave

    Dump the Kelly/ us the Trump, Kelly is in over her head.

  • Gail :Phillips

    I have bee an avid Fox News watcher for years and years and have virtually never watched any other news channel. However, I am sad to say Megyn Kelly is a very poor example of journalism and beneath the standards of Fox news. She is, in simple words, a bully. She has her own hidden agenda and while she may not like Trump, (her perrogative) she is supposed to be “fair and balanced”. I am a college graduate with a master’s degree and not a simple minded MSNBC typical follower. I am so turned off to Fox now simply because of Megyn Kelly as are all of my friends. We all have the same opinion and I was a bit suprised, as I thought maybe I just overthought her behavior, but no, everyone seems to be in agreement. She is a bully and an opinionated woman tryingto flex her muscles. She used to be my favorite, but her snarky behavior lately has me turning the channel when she appears. I was onve proud of the fact that as a woman she became such a logical voice in a world of disarray and terrorism, but no longer! This is not only my opinion, but that of so many others I know. Megyn Kelly has singehandly lost the respect and the following of a tremendous amount of viwers, men and women. I know you can’t dismiss her because you must defend her on air ridicilous behavior, but this is a comment I needed to make. Signed, a former viewer…

  • David Fenton

    Megyn Kelly again tonight? As much as I hate to I’m going to get my Iowa coverage someplace else.

    • Gary

      I wish Megan Kelly would go back to a more woman like Hair style. Her present look makes me not want to watch her shows.

  • Gary H.

    Chis Wallace and his interview with the Govenor of New Jersey was nothing more than propaganda against Rubio. Always liked Wallace but can keep his opinions to himself in asking question. I thought all the candidates did a pretty good job.

  • Scott Hanson

    As a Vietnam Veteran I found the Faux News this morning as despicable as one could get. Fuck you Faux, You low life scumbags who have never served yourselves dare talk of our soldiers with the disrespect you showed all servicemen and women this morn. You all would have not only been crying you would have been on your sorry ass knees begging and pissing your pants. You are nothing but a bunch of Corporate/Wall Street whores and I hope each and every one of you Rot In Hell….

  • Ann Estabrook

    You seem to be ranting and raving about Trump’s 33 percent of the vote. How about letting letting Mr. Trump know, because he is so full of himself or does not know how to add or subtract, that 67 percent DID NOT vote for him. I do believe that would make 2/3 of the total votes were against him. Why don’t you blast the airways with that little tidbit of information?
    Trump needs to get down to reality…let a little wind out of those sails of egoism. He is spouting “pie in the sky” rantings about what America needs, i think we all no what we need and want as free Americans. i want to know exactly how he is going to accomplish those promises. Is he going to say, “sit down and shut up” if he does not think a question is not worthy of answering or is he going to walk through the doors of Congress and shout “YOU’RE FIRED” if they refuse to give him exactly what he wants?

  • Donald Trump

    Make your own Trump speech madlibs. First, take out a sheet of paper
    and number 1 through 45. (No peeking.) Then fill in for the bracketed

    1. Important issue in this election cycle
    2. Synonym for “biggest”
    3. Foreign country
    4. Item found in every house, plural form
    5. Republican candidate other than Trump
    6. Elementary school insult
    7. Another important issue in this election cycle
    8. Another GOP rival
    9. Another insult
    10. Yet another GOP rival
    11. A foreign country
    12. Another foreign country
    13. And another foreign country
    14. Noun (plural form)
    15. Another election topic
    16. Derogatory insult
    17. Presidential candidate (GOP or Dem)
    18. Ethnic group, plural form
    19. Another ethnic group, plural form
    20. Third ethnic group, plural form
    21. Fourth ethnic group, plural form
    22. Foreign country
    23. Another foreign country
    24. Ethnic or other group of people
    25. Another GOP rival
    26. Election cycle topic
    27. Insult
    28. Adjective
    29. Reasonable politician
    30. Noun (singular)
    31. Third-grade insult
    32. A foreign country
    33. Another foreign country
    34. Noun (singular)
    35. Democratic candidate
    36. A foreign country
    37. Synonym for big
    38. Synonym for beautiful
    39. Baked good, plural form
    40. World religion
    41. Another world religion
    42. A food, singular form
    43. Another foreign country
    44. Noun, singular form
    45. A large, two-digit number

    Thank you for having me here. We have a big problem with [1]. The
    problem is that we’re not winning anymore. Believe me, I have a plan
    for [1]. And we’re going to win, trust me. I will have the [2] and best
    plan. Because we’re no longer winning. We’re losing to [3]. They’re
    taking our [4]. And they’re laughing at us. On the first day as
    President, I’m going to have [3] give back our [4], and make them pay
    for it!

    Take a look at [5]. He’s low energy. Now, I’m not going
    to say that he [6] but people have said that he [6]. Now, I didn’t say
    he [6], but that’s what some people say. I don’t know. But his plan for
    [7] is terrible! What a loser! My plan for [7] is to get the best
    people. Believe me, I’ve got a plan for [7]. It’s going to blow you
    away. Blow you away! Not like [8]. Moron! What a [9]. Take [10], who
    doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    I will be the best jobs
    President in the history of the world. I have the best jobs plan, and
    you’re going to hear about it soon. Right now, we’re losing in trade to
    [11], and we’re losing to [12]. [13] is taking all of our [14] and
    they’re calling us morons. Now, I never said that Obama wasn’t born in
    this country, but I just wonder, you know? And I wonder about Ted Cruz. I
    just wonder. I’m not saying anything, I just wonder.

    And I’m for
    traditional [15]. Yes, I may have had multiple [15], but when you eat
    the cracker and the wine, that’s like asking for forgiveness. That’s
    what you’ll find in Two Corinthians. See, the Pope really has some
    nerve accusing me of not being Christian. He doesn’t even know the fake
    names of the books! The pope is so low energy. And he’s [16].

    can’t trust him anyway, because he’s a foreigner. Believe me, on my
    first day in office, we are going get tough on immigration. [17] isn’t
    tough when it comes to immigration. We’re going to deport all the [18]
    and all the [19]. We have to be tough on immigration. I will have the
    best people find all the [20] in the US and we will send them all back.
    We’re also going to send all the [21] back to [22]. And we’re going to
    make [23] pay for it. The good ones can come back, though. Believe me, I
    know exactly what good means. So the good ones can come back. But not
    the [24]. Because all the [24] are criminals and drug traffickers. [25]
    is very weak on [26].

    You know, when it comes to Obama, he’s just
    [27]. And I heard that some of my supporters went and beat up a
    foreigner. I’m not saying that I condone that, but the people who
    support me are very passionate and very [28]. You can’t trust anything
    that [29] says, because all politicians do is talk. Not me. I have a
    plan for everything, and it’s going to be the best plan for [30], trust
    me. Actually, [29] is a nice guy. I like [29], but he doesn’t have a
    clue! And [29] has blood spewing out of his/her whatever.

    know, I’m winning in all the polls. I’m winning everywhere. And look at
    Rubio. What a loser. He’s such a [31]. He’s like John McCain, what a
    loser. McCain isn’t a war hero, because he was captured. I would know,
    because I avoided the military. I’m the best at the military. We’re
    going to win in the world again, and I’m the best at the military. We’re
    going to bomb the hell out of [32] and [33] and make them pay for it.
    It’s going to be the tallest [34].

    And take [35]. All talk, no
    actions. What a loser! We’re going to take our country back, because if
    you don’t have a wall, you don’t have a country. This is why [36] is not
    a country. It’s going to be [37] and [38], because I know how to build
    walls. How can you have a country if you don’t have a wall? That’s why
    I’m going to be tough on [39] and tough on [40]. You know, at the
    border, we are going to turn away anybody who believes in [41]. And we
    can just test that by making people eat [42] at the border. Who’s going
    to pay for that food? We’re going to make [43] pay for it.

    I have
    a plan to replace ObamaCare with something else. I’m going to replace
    it with a [44]. And it’s going to be the best [44] that you’ve ever
    seen. You know, the reports show that [45] percent of people are going
    to like my plan to replace ObamaCare. Trust me. It’s because I’m going
    to get the best people. We’re going to do something way better. And you
    know, if you ignore my bankruptcies, I’m very successful. Thank you,
    we’re going to make America great again!


    I just heard Mitt Romney badmouthing Trump. I don’t believe any Democrat could speak any worse about Trump than what I heard. Romney needs to stay out of this election. He gave away the last one. The RNC chairman needs to honor the voters and their votes and if not then resign before he and the RNC further destroy the Republican party.

  • colleen

    if this party does not stop bullying trump ill vote for Hillary so they get what they deserve

  • colleen

    Rubio and cruz please move on so we can learn something your tactics are not going to work

  • colleen

    Kelly is bias and being rude will never watch her bias show again your reporting at the debate is a scam I rate an f

  • deedie

    please give john kasch and ted cruz a hearing aid the next debate they dont hear the bell

  • deedie

    I too stop watching fox because of megan kelly

  • MHB

    Megan Kelly has a high opinion of Megen Kelly. When will they get rid of this overly biased climber? She can’t get it. The Presidential debates are a mes because the moderators have been focused on picking at crap rather than serious issue questions. she tops the list.

  • MHB

    Why hasn’t Mike Wallace, M. Kelly, picked on the changes and falsehoods, changes in positions, false claims of slicko Cruz?

  • MHB

    isn’t it time for Fox to try and remember they were supposed to be the fair, unbiased channel? What i fair and unbiased when a Mike wallace insults our intelligence by asking only one candidate about the cuts he proposes not totally up the entire trillions debt? Did he ak Cruz or Rubio or Kasich to list all the cuts, and ow they would do them to total the total trillions debt? NO.

  • MHB

    All the planned debate should be canceled. They have been horrible. Moderator questions designed for attack and personal insult rather then issues we need to hear. Any candidate laying out their Policy plans right now is flat out a joke. They don’t do them once they get in. Issues can be asked and allowed answered. Moderators are doing nothing to stop the insults. Fox has turned these into entertainment slanted for their biases not for seeking seirous discusions form the candidates. When will Rubio be attacked for his jlack of performance and grandiose claims of his experiences/ When will Cruz’ real extreist stance ans the only peron alive who i right be diagnosed?

    • colleen


  • carolinagirl

    Did the Cruz campaign send the protesters to Chicago?

  • colleen

    fox news go fuck ur self so sick of Kelly files trying to make a name for herself shes a news horror and nevee gets evidence justr blah blah I hope kellys sued u

  • colleen

    Kelly u are a sick f women profiting off of the American dream u horror

  • colleen

    u people in the news will pick ur nose and call it war u fucked up bitch another lie from cruz bull shit no apology fuck fox news

  • colleen

    Kelly file I need to make a name for myself every time trump awins over racisits news horrs or corruption from the cruz campaign she put him down fox news ive athed for 20 trs go fuck ur self

  • colleen

    don’t bgive a shit about spelling mad as hell

  • Trythis Last

    Call Sheriff Arpaio
    Send in wreckers to clear the hiway
    Send non-peaceful protesters to Arpaio’s jail as toys for inmates

  • joe m

    All I really want to say is, Fox has to get rid of Juan Williams. He is the worst uninformed far left liberal that has ever been on Fox. Whenever I see him on Fox I change the channel. I can’t watch the Five’s anymore. Even Bob Beckel was better than him. Please can this guy. I turned it on for a minute today and saw Jesse Watters tear him apart. Juan didn’t know how to respond, he was babbling, made look like the fool that he is.

    • George

      very true – where did juan Williams come from? He’s annoying when he expresses himself because he doesn’t make sense. I like watching The Five but I get disappointed seeing juan Williams in the group. He doesn’t belong to Fox News – get rid of him.

  • NovelDog

    Joe m is right Juan Williams must have been recruited from an insane asylum. He is never right and has an IQ somewhere south of 60. and while here let me tell you a story. A mom once said to her sleepy headed children. Let me tell you a bed time story. Once upon a time there was this News Organization called Fox News. It was Fair and Balanced…… “No mommy we have heard that fairly tail before. Everybody knows they have never been Fair or Balanced!”

  • NovelDog

    Why does many News Organizations, Congressmen and Senators, and other rich corporate type folks want Open Borders? They are crooks that is why! They are a part of the mob. They know open borders means forced slave labor at below minimum wages. They want work conditions that are deployable with no health insurance. They support prostitution and slavery. They know these rich folks make a lot of money from this cheap labor. They also know that drugs can flow freely through open borders, and they can make $$ billions $$ on them while the nation becomes addicted to them. Its money in the bank to them, and that is why they hate Donald J Trump…. because he wants to close the borders, and secure them. So you see all those who oppose Trump….. oppose common sense decency. They oppose fair treatment to its citizens. They oppose anyone who stands in their way of making lots of money at our expense! They have shown how far they will go already with their many attacks on Trump and his family, sister, son, wife, and Trump himself. Nothing is too vile for them to try. They own much of the News Media so they cover up for the other candidates while attacking the one that they can not buy!

  • colleen

    if the republican party keeps this up I will vote for dem and then become a soverent citizen no more tax money from me so fed up with the party and cruz

  • colleen

    iam a woman and lov trump cruz is creepy and look into his past a liar so disappointed in our gov

  • Dale

    Megan Kelly needs to be taken off Fox News and move to bias network.. Her show is so biased against that she is sickening. Remember fox executives that she started the this with her personal assessments of trumps past . I have tuned out Fox News because of her sickening attacks. She can’t even cover it or sugar coat it anymore..

  • monica walker

    In Dallas/New York…..Where is the National Guard????

  • randy

    trump is as big a liar as Hillary, and a narcissist, look it up colleen

  • Jan Henderson

    As Americans, we HAVE to find a solution for all that is going on! WE need to unite together and find a solution that the ‘black lives matters’ and blue lives matter can come to an agreement with to unite together to make it happen. Wait for ALL the evidence to get out there and commit yourself, without prejudice,THEN take a side. Did anyone of you out there download the Ferguson transcripts of the trial and actually read it? If I was on the jury, I would have thrown most of the testimony out and am surprised nobody was charged with purgery. “Vengeance is MINE”, saith the Lord. If punishment is due, it will certainly be done on judgement day. Stand for your rights, but don’t take judgement into your own hands. As far as everything political and of subject….get real people and stick with what is important right now. First time I’m probably not voting for anyone. Disgusted with them all….Let’s pull together people and stand UNITED.

  • nilda

    Donald J. Trump President, Inc

    C/O Trump Tower

    725 5th Avenue

    New York, NY 10022


    I pray for you and your family in my morning prayers and
    night time.

    TO GOD. THEY ARE AN IMPOSITION FROM Obama and Hillary, his advocate. THIS
    incredible situation must be URGENT TO ACT NOW! OUR CHILDREN WILL LOOSE THEIR

    Obama’s UNISEX
    the animal destroyed her inside. ALL DECENT PEOPLE NO MATHER THEIR FAITH WILL
    and HILLARY dare to call themselves Christians? HILLARY AND Obama ARE PERVETS
    entertaining homosexuals. OBAMA & Hillary
    are The Devil’s ADVOCATE. Obama forced the
    COMPLY. THE POOR STATES were forced by Obama. NEW
    had naked boy and girl of 5 yrs old having sex in the UNISEX BATHROOM, next to
    the classroom. The teacher was given the lesson and THERE WAS NOBODY TO WATCH
    THE UNISEX bathroom. It was not the
    teacher duty to watch children in the Unisex bathroom. She needed to teach the lesson. The School
    was forced by Obama to a curriculum including, Naked photos of 5 yrs old girls.
    Obama must go to jail.


    Please, erase Obama bisexual from the books.

    THIS NEWS IN EVERY CHANNEL will kick Hillary to hell. WAKE
    UP USA! We are on time. TO STOP THIS NEW EVIL.

    Thank you,

    Nilda Orraca

  • Tom Martin

    So disappointed in Steve Hayes whom I admired as an intelligent and fair political analyst. He has become an arrogant sore loser because THE WEEKLY STANDARD’s favorite candidate lost the primary. All of my friends who are Fox News watchers
    are totally disgusted at how disingenuous Steve has become …..shocked in fact to see another so called conservative doing everything they can to get Hillary elected. Shameful, Steve……get off Fox News!

  • Audrey

    What bothers me about all this is all lives is what matters in Wichita Kansas you have cops that target everyone as long as everyone sits on this color act is the more where stuck hearing about it you hear about black lives but you never hear about white, Mexican goes on!!! So does that not matter??? There needs to be a change!!! Another thing that bothers me is no one goes off fact the news job Is to get the real story out there but doesn’t seem to always happen!!! That’s a problem also they protect there own but feel they have a right to put false info out about someone else!!! All lives matter but people are right cops take it to far they want to act above people There not no one is god no one is perfect and as long as everyone wants to play the race card is the longer your going to live a screwed up life!!! My son didn’t ask to lose his life at the age of 9!!!!! But once again people want to play god!!! Stop the hatered because your passing it down to your kids there are future!!

  • Gloria

    Megyan Kelley DOES NOT BELONG in Fox News family. I am a woman … most of her topic regarding the 9 Oct presidential debate is about Trump’s video 11 years ago… over and over again. Hardly she discussed other topics on that debate.

  • Jay

    Fox News TV is beginning to be worse than the fair & and balanced liberal networks. If I wanted to watch CNN I would. To watch Megan Kelly, O’Reilly, Krautkramer, and other like guests on these shows is pathetic. I seriously have to check if I’m watching CNN, CNBC, or ABC, NBC, or CBS. They are in no way helping the Conservative party help put a Republican in office. Just the opposite, that idiot Megan Kelly should be on Clintons payroll. Her fame went to her head. I can’t stomach watching any of your shows that include her smug face and her pathetic try at being a comedian.
    O’Reilly isn’t any better, will no longer watch his smug, arrogant face.
    I don’t blame Gretta for getting the hell away from your movie star want-to-be’s.
    The only worth while hosts you have left are Lou Dobbs, Neil Cavuto, and best of all, Judge Jeanine!
    Seriously! Get your act together. You are helping Clinton win the White House and putting our country in serious harm. You and your fair and balanced sh** can go straight to he**!

  • joe bine

    Megan Kelley stated that women what to be treated equal. Do you really, how about having young ladies signing up for selected service. if young men don’t they don’t get financial aid and their drivers license can be revoked or denied. Why is this not fair game for all of you females. Why doesn’t Hillary pay her females the same as their male counterparts. Quit complaining about all this unequal garbage when it’s the men who aren’t treated equal. I have friends who are in the services who says that the women who are in special forces are not required to do the same as their male counterparts. get off your hi horse women and look at every issue not just money.

  • Sherrie Vrankovic

    To Megyn Kelly: good for you girl friend! Call Trump a Sexual Predator, but don’t you dare call Bill Clinton one!! You have sold your soul to the liberals, were your feeling hurt earlier in the year by Trump? Well,I guess you are nailing him good! Be proud girlfriend, you are part of the stench!! Stand up for the women in the country! Hillary will only destroy their lives if they f—- with her husband, but you are ok! Put those sexy clothes on and look in the mirror.. put your girlfriend attitude on and be proud to help Hillary put her scumbag corrupt lying family back in the Whitehouse! Trump is tough on women and that is bad because it is politically incorrect, we are so fragile, really? but you can treat Newt Gingrich like crap, oh that’s right, HE IS A MAN! Please, your little feelings are hurt, Miss revenge!?

  • J. I. Nash

    Ever since Megan Kelly had her “dust up” with Donald Trump. when her show comes on I feel like I am watching MSNBC. Her biased out look against Trump is clearly evident. I’m not a huge fan of Trump, but even I feel embarrassed for your network about her comments against him, there is no doubt that she has an axe to grind against him, if you can’t see it, you are either blind or you condone it. I thought Fox was suppose to be “fair and balanced”. She is not suppose to be taking a position on the air no matter what her personal beliefs are I thought she was “hard news” not a sensationalist. If she wants to be a crusader for abused woman let her do it some place else this is not what I tuned into Fox for. I turn the remote to CNN when she comes on, when she goes off the air I then go back to Fox but it is becoming a bit of a chore and quite frankly I’m looking for some other “fair” network. She needs to keep her combative opinions to herself. I don’t think she is a bad person but someone needs to talk to her and remind her this is Fox News Fair and Balanced.

  • Cheers

    Quite honestly – I’ve watched FOX for a very long time. However, of late – watching Sheperd Smith has been difficult, but Megyn Kelly is so over the top – I plan to try to find another channel to watch for my news.

    Sadly – FOX because of some of these commentators are actually not reporting the news but are campaigning in effect against Trump. Sure they have occasionally had some news about HC so they will look to be fair and balanced, but are so blatantly against Trump.

    Shep with his condescending remarks along with the pretense of what he says as been funny is actually ridicule of Trump with a biased opinion.

    Megyn Kelly is so angry at Trump that she’s using the excuse of talking about the audio because she cares about women, but is using it obviously to badmouth Trump and help HC at every opportunity. Tonight was just too much.

    She has never been as hard on HC as she has been on Trump. What is that obsession she has about “sex” when as Newt Gingrich says she can’t/won’t use the same inflammatory words against Bill Clinton.

    No one is fooled by that “If – he is a sexual predator”. We all know what Bill Clinton has in fact done, but she would never use those kinds of words that direction.

    My hope would be that some billionaire like Trump would start a new media where the conservatives and those right of center politically can go to get the news and not biased opinions disguised as news.

    Bret Bauer is the only real news person on FOX now. I’ll have to set the alarm to watch him.

    BTW – The mission Megyn has may have your blessing this close to the vote, but she doesn’t have mine to act as a Super Pac with so many viewing for FOX. So – I’ll alleviate you of one viewer and wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t others who feel exactly the same. To put a cherry on top – Immediately after Gingrich, she had the general on who says HC would be the best president for the military.

    Most likely no one reads these comments, but there you have it.

  • Nospin43

    I no longer view Megan Kelly for what would be obvious reasons to any intelligent individual. However, I accidentally hit our Fox News channel and saw what was several minutes of Kelly’s discussion/interview with Newt Gingrich. She is, unfortunately for Fox, a self serving woman who one of the least fair and balanced members of the Fox frontline staff. Gingrich had her number and her childish approach, bias and reasoning reminded me of why I no longer waste time watching her adolescent program.
    I am an independent voter but faithfully watch O’Reilly, Baier and Bret who provide adult conversation.

    • Annie

      I totally agree. Megan Kelly portrays to be brilliant but actually stirs up negative issues. She also interrupts guests and that’s rude. I change channel when she’s on air.

  • Jeff Sylvester

    Jeff Sylvester The news about Hillary Clinton is once again rumors and gossip. She’s always tested out clean. Hillary’s an honest public servant, and her accusers will never change that by throwing mud.

  • Jeff Sylveser

    Today’s evidence of Hillary Clinton’s criminal acts is that “more emails” were found. According to the media, that constitutes proof of a crime? I don’t think so.

  • t fu

    Shame on Hillary for thinking that African Americans are so shallow, that a concert will buy their vote.

  • Ellen Berman

    What an informative program on Trump, Objectivity. I thought it showed the real DJS. So, why the heck did you wait until after the election to show a great side of our now President-Elect? You repeated many programs on showing Hillary…a fake good side. You are part of the MSM, and you are all corrupt, owned and controlled by the same people…..The Establishment. Trump owes all of you Zero. I hope he never takes any of the MSM on his plane.. I hope you all go down, as all of you are lying, brainwashing machines. Actually, I think many of you should get arrested eventually, for being complicit in covering up information, and lying to the American People. You skirt around many issues and never say the truth . You brainwashed that Obama was born in the USA when he was born in Kenya, and is an Indonesian citizen…which is why his records are sealed at Occidental. A lot of people know the truth, and have lost total trust in any of you after the antics with this election. You know where you should all go.

  • fritzeverett

    Why do you state Somali with Legal permanent resident status? Is he not just an American Somali? Confused on the wording If another person was accused of the same horrible act would that person be labeled Legal permanent resident Mexican? Just wondering. Thank You.

  • Ch Hol

    We complain about Russia trying to influence our election while we just did the same to Israel’s last election. Also, we keep complaining about the intrusions to our supposedly secure internet. How about totally securing our systems so they can’t be hacked. Put our important systems on there own separate networks not connected to the World Wide Web and use Quantum based detection.

  • Carolinatarheel

    We now have a president who loves America! He needs our help to stop the destruction caused by the current, corrupt administration! Hillary Clinton’s scandalous behavior proved she was incapable of being a true POTUS!

    Thank God for President Trump!

    America First!

    • annie

      President Trump’s love for America is genuine. He is fulfilling his promises to the American people who voted him. Shame on the judges who lifted the ban on countries that can hurt the American people. In the interim, more people from those countries were able to get into the US. I hope we won’t have any attacks – if they do happen, the judges who stopped this ban should be prosecuted and put in jail.

  • Jessica Parker

    when are u going to cancel sheperds contract with u. i only watch fox and alex jones but mostly fox news and he is as far left as meagan. Maybe she can get him a job at MSNBC. I know longer watch when sheperd is on but i do watch everyone else and have subscribed to ur channel a long time ago cause of ur fairness. He needs to go and go now

    • Fred

      I agree. I will not watch Fox News when Smith is on. He has to go.

  • sam e

    fox news just screwed up royally by letty bill go

  • sam e

    fox news just screwed up royally by letting or firing bill ,,

  • CHAR


  • Sovereign Citizen

    This shooter in Arlington was a Comrade Sanders’ campaign supporter. This is nothing more than left-wing political terrorism.

  • perry Vogler

    I am so aggravated with Fox news for not standing up to there number one guy Bill O’reilly, you guys know that were gunning for you, after all you are number one. Start acting like it and do what you have to and get him back on the air, Sean and tucker can’t do it all.

  • Doug Meyers

    FOX NEWS RADIO reporting seems to have become as Biased against President Trump. Such a shame. I see where a controlling share was sold to a Saudi. Will FOX become the new El Arabia?

  • grammamonkey

    Twice today I have heard Fox news commentators use the idiom “drips and drabs”. The correct idiom should be “dribs and drabs”. Please alert your announcers.

  • Sam P.

    A suggestion; Shepherd Smith seems to hate President Trump and he appears to be Left on most, if not all social issues. Is he the new norm for Fox News?

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