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Fox News Comments accepts user submissions of the worst comments you can find on or Recommended screen capture utilites are Jing, which works on Windows and Mac, and Skitch, which is a Mac-only application. I’m not aware of Linux programs for screen capture. Use the image uploader below and include the URL of the screenshot in the description field.  Be sure to check back to see whether your submission has been approved!

PLEASE do not submit comments that are political in nature unless they have something in them that is horrible on a simply human level. Fox News Comments is not a political site. If you have issues with the Democratic or Republican party, that’s fine, but is about exposing hate.


  • http://Website Denise Stealey

    Guess what NPR. All 350 million of us have our head on a swivel every time we get on an airplane or are in any public area where Muslims are present. Juan William”s thoughtful and intellegent perspective on presenting his point of view was the main reason that I would tune in to NPR. Juan spoke for many of us.