Get your swimsuits ready for the LAKE OF FAHRR


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As KiceRispys hit “post,” he felt immense pride at what he had achieved. His ambitions sated, he lay down and died.


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Bigotry: It’s the new normal!


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Aaand from the pro-torture side…

New Features to Foxnewscomments.com

You might have noticed that there are two new sections in our main navigation – “The Worst” and “The Stupidest.”


The Worst” is for those of you with strong stomachs. These are the most bigoted, horrifying comments Fox’s audience has to offer. “The Stupidest” is for those who find FoxNewsComments.com a little too depressing. Most of these comments deal with absolute rejection of fact, conspiracy theories, or rumination about the End Times.

There’s also a new comment submission system which allows you to upload pictures to the FoxNewsComments.com server. The only downside is that to get these pictures, you have to sift through comments on foxnews.com or nation.foxnews.com. Your submissions are very much appreciated, though. This isn’t a fun job!

But…Muzzy is a friendly language-monster…

Headline: Thousands of Indonesian Muslims protest US church’s plan to burn Koran on 9/11

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Is it racist of me to think all racists sound the same?

Headline: The Greene Manifesto: Reticent Candidate Tells All


Git ‘er dun too!

Headline: EPA Considers Ban on Lead Bullets


We’ll all be speaking German soon.


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