Welcome to Fox News Comments!

I’m thrilled to release Fox News Comments to the Internet. We’re still working out design kinks, but we just couldn’t wait to bring you the meanest, foulest, most evil comments posted on foxnews.com and thefoxnation.com. It’s old hat to point out that Fox News isn’t as “fair and balanced” as they present themselves, and some of us might suspect that they cater to the most prejudiced and ignorant audience, and make them even worse. Here at Fox News Comments, we’re out revealing that audience. We know they exist, and we’re going to expose these poor deluded souls. Why do this? It’s funny. It’s shocking. We might just lift the (thin) veil of legitimacy Fox News has. Ok, so that last one might be wishful thinking. With proof of who comprises Fox News’ audience, however, Fox News Comments reveals the impact that Fox News makes. We show that fear-mongering and hate-mongering produce the only thing that they can produce: fear and hate. There’s a final lesson to be learned here – the Internet is forever. Although the Internet is the great normalizer, it’s also the great exposer and archivist. A little hateful comment can live forever. Maybe Fox News’ audience will wise up and recognize that tolerance is not such a bad thing. Until then – let’s have a few laughs.

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