And in the end, the hate you take is equal to the hate you make.

It has come to my attention via reader mail that Fox News’ online properties are no longer accepting comments, save for stories that no one comments on anyway (check the Science section). Most of these emails come from people who think that this site is an official Fox News site, which proves that they read nothing but the headlines, if even that.


In any event, this website’s source material is gone. Is Fox experiencing technical difficulties, or do they simply recognize how toxic their users are? My guess is the former, but, it doesn’t really matter much. The comments section, about a year ago, gained a huge influx of liberal-minded trolls. For every “hang ‘im from the highest tree” comment, there’d be another calling the commenter out as a KKK member. Fox’s comments section essentially became self-regulated, and the well ran dry. I’m as sad as I am grateful of it, because I did enjoy finding the most horrible (and horribly popular) comments, but at least there’s one nest of hate that’s been fumigated.

This site will stay up indefinitely as a metaphorical head on a pike to scare future hatemongers. And me? I’m going to try to make a site that makes people happy!

Edit: I’m really appreciating all the hate mail I’m getting! You guys sure know how to make someone feel loved. 🙂 And for reference – I am not a Democrat, and I didn’t make a site featuring CNN comments because I find a site where Kim Kardashian is on the front page every day worthless, where I find Fox News dangerous.