The Top 10 Fox News Comments of 2010

Fox News Comments has only been around since September, but and have provided plenty of ignorance and hate to cover. Although the posts on this site already present many of the silliest, most horrifying, and just plain crazy opinions held by our Fox-News-reading countrymen, some are especially remarkable.  For your reading enjoyment, I’ve selected and provided my two cents on ten entries that I call the Top 10 Fox News Comments of 2010.

1. White Defenders

This comment was one of the first to actually disturb me. It’s not just rote recitation of hate speech – there’s not even one cliché racist slur – this is bona fide, passionate hate. This kind of comment tells me that America is still capable of descending into chaos over race. The 28 people who like the comment don’t help in the slightest.

2. Atomic Dreams

Obviously, this moron has no concept of the gravity of his comment. Iranians don’t register as humans to him, just as animals he hears about on Fox News. Even so, the idea that this could give anyone pleasure is deeply troubling.

3. Old-School Racism

This one isn’t too terrible if I imagine that the commenter is 94 years old and posting from a hospice. Actually, I’m kind of proud of them for even being able to use the Internet.

4. Contempt for Gay Suicides

Nasty bastard. I wonder who’ll miss them when they’re gone.

5. How to Kill Muslims

Please don’t ever forget your meds, guy.

6. Extreme Mexican Hate

Wow. This is one sad, sad person. Do they have any happy moments during the day, or are they so utterly consumed with hate that all they can do is quake with rage? I have a feeling that if Obama’s death panels were real, they’d be the first person to try to get a death sentence.

7. Stephen Hawking is Stupid

The mental picture of some willfully ignorant mouth-breather approaching Stephen Hawking and yelling, “DUUUUUUH!!!!!” gives me the giggles.

8. Insane Conspiracy Theories

I think the first draft of this comment was written in feces on a padded wall.

9. The Truth About Aliens

Interdimensional Satans, space aliens, man-eating serpents, and ancient giants – what more could you ask for?

10. Pandering to Bigots

The top comment of the year is from Fox News itself! There is really no way they can claim that they don’t attract a certain type of audience with this kind of “reporting.” (Click the image to see some of the comments that this fair and balanced article generated.)

Thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoyed the decuple dose of ignorant fanaticism, and also the self-satisfaction you feel when you think of the reasons you’re not like these people.